Athens, July 10th 2015: Free Seminar on starting a social Laughter Club!

30 06 2015

Laughter, a Strong Tool of Personal and Social Empowerment, especially now that the going gets tough!
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By Vasiliki Skrekou,
Founder of the Laughter Club Movement in Hellas.

In my discussions with the hellenic people this last period, most of them admit experiencing an “inner freeze”, a numbness leading them to apathy and denial to take the responsibility of action.

In this challenging period for Hellas and Europe it is highly important to realize the strength of our personal choices and how these are translated into social changes.

Starting from the tools each of us has under his own supervision (the body, cognition through the brain, emotion through the heart, the spirit through the wholeness of conscious awareness) and by training them to coordinate and maintain a vibration of peace, joy, prosperity and love for life -and her challenges- we balance the collective unconscious and permit it to express these positive and necessary qualities for all hellenes.

Laughter Yoga is a laughter therapy technique that uses the aforementioned tools in order to transform the human being in her/his wholeness. Practicing it in times like these is even more essential, in order to balance the collective energy field of Hellas and maintain a sustainable and growing level of inner joy and peace.

As the Founder of the Laughter Club Movement in Hellas I would like to call all the Certified Laughter Yoga Leaders to take on even more responsibility and action during this period, by offering and reenforcing their efforts on a personal and social level.

Even if you have not opened up your activity to the world yet, laugh more alone, with your families, your friends and whoever may need it. Offer your soul’s specialty to bring joy and healing through the Inner Spirit of Laughter.

Since 2008 and following our constant social welfare activity as Laughter Yoga Professionals, we have offered our services for free through the Social Laughter Clubs, joining forces with the global movement of volunteers aiming for world peace and reconciliation. Let us reenforce our efforts now that they are needed even more.

Despite our already programmed meetings of the Athens’ laughter Club for this July, and according to our desire to play a conscious part in balancing our collective, hellenic creative field of strength and prosperity, we announce

a Free Training Seminar for those interested to establish a Laughter Club in their neighborhood.

The seminar will take place:

on Friday, 10th of July 2015,
at 16:30-21:30

in the space offered by the Aizoia Yoga&Spirit School in Acharnai, Athens, Kourkakiotou Str. 23, (Attiki Odos Exit #4)

  • This Seminar is for people that believe in the therapeutic force of laughter, with or without prior experience with Laughter Yoga, wishing to offer the technique to their fellow men through Social Laughter Clubs.
  • It is an intensive training in the procedure of initiating a social Laughter Club and all it concerns.
  • The number of participants is limited and priority will be given according to intention to start a Laughter Club in a specific area in or outside Athens.

Registration and Information:

images-11Theodora Papantonaki
+30 6936 527 527
[email protected]

Registration deadline: Wendesday, July 8th 2015.

See you in Love and Laughter!


Watch here the video-message from Dr. Madan Kataria, Founder of the Global Laughter Yoga Movement, for Hellas and social Laughter clubs during this period of crisis.

‘When you laugh, you change, and when you change the whole World changes’. -Dr Madan Kataria, MD, Laughter Yoga Movement Founder. ***




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